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    Helen Boucher of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. The CDC estimates that 23,000 Americans die every year from drug-resistant infections.

    Dating and mating the power of flirting

    In the absence of phenotypic traits of female flies, and when given a choice between light emitting diodes that emitted either constant light or light pulsed at a frequency of 110, 178, 250, or 290 Hz, males show a strong preference for the 178-Hz pulsed light, which most closely approximates the wing beat frequency of prospective mates. The system depends upon the sex- and age-specific frequencies of light flashes reflecting off moving wings, and the ability of male flies to distinguish between the frequency of light flashes produced by rival males and prospective mates.Our findings imply that insect photoreceptors with fast processing speed may not only support agile flight with advanced maneuverability but may also play a supreme role in mate recognition.Women want men with good genes to pass on to their babies and a caring mate who will protect and feed the family.Keen-eyed researchers are breaking down the science of the myriad cues humans rely on to assess these qualities.That walk in the park you will never forget or maybe that tipsy night at your favourite bar.In other words online dating, starts by looking at a screen, it is just different meeting face to face.It’s the product of millions of years of evolution all focussed on one idea: successfully passing your genes on to the next generation.And the whole dating scene is really just people assessing the reproductive potential of prospective mates.

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    And that was in 2009, the beginning of the social media boom!Flies have some of the most elaborate visual systems in the Insecta, often featuring large, sexually dimorphic eyes with specialized “bright zones” that may have a functional role during mate-seeking behavior.The fast visual system of flies is considered to be an adaptation in support of their advanced flight abilities.Digital native is a term that refers to people who grew up interacting with computers and the Internet, a group that primarily consists of men and women age 30 and younger. This undeniable fact is becoming apparent in virtually every facet of modern life. And while it is true that many of us over the age of 30 are every bit as fluent in the digital universe as those born post-1982, there nevertheless exists a profound technological separation between digital natives and immigrants -- a new generation gap, if you will.

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