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A themed collection every month Every Bark Box is loaded with 4 to 6 innovative toys and healthy treats curated from each month’s collection. He loves people of all ages (my 4 year old grandson adores him). Loves doggy daycare, plays with dogs of all sizes and breeds. We cannot believe that it will be one year since we picked her up and brought her home in a couple of weeks. Regards, Mildred Marin and Andreas‎ Riss Hello Beverly, I just wanted to give you an update on December Snow (Fleming). December Snow has brought so much joy to our family and he definitely keeps us on our feet. He walks so well on his leash and goes to the do when he has to poo poo. Thank you Hi Bev, Just wanted to let you know Chase is doing very well! He is walking great on his harness& leash, he follows Lacey! Hello Beverly, Just wanted to give you an update on Sasha. Omg she is the most awesome and loving dog ever and such a sweet disposition! We take her from boston to fl all the time she goes right to sleep in the plane with us,people always ask did you drug her? He is so loveable and has warmed our hearts.just love him.